• - Namsun Macinery Corp Hall / Stand No. : 027 / D01 Namsun Machinery will partifipate in EMO2019 with “SPHINX-5X/30″. We are looking forward to see you at the “EMO 2019″ 
  • EMO 2017 (10/24/2017)
    - We are scheduled to participate in EMO Hannover 2017 Exhibition from 18th to 23th September. NAMSUN booth will be located in Hall 26, Stand No. A01 during the exhibition. We would appreciate it if you could visit our booth Also, we are planning to display and demonstrate two machines, with 5-Axis Machining Center SPHINX-5X/30, SPHINX-5X/53. […]
  • EMO2015 (9/3/2015)
  • - Dear Namsun family and customers: Our homepage has been renovated through the encouragement and support of customers. We will continue to strive to be reborn as Namsun Machinery Corporation to gain more confidence of customers in 2014. Thank you.